New Trends Hair Style Trends – 2015
Fringes and Bangs

​Bold fringes (also known as “Bangs”), particularly teamed with a sleek short bob are making a supreme come back for 2015. This classic style can really open up the face and accentuate facial features. A fringe can suit anybody; you just need to choose the correct length to suit your face.



This is a trend that comes straight from the catwalks with renowned designers such as Chanel, showing off this retro style during the S/S 2013 runway shows. The key to this style is to keep the ponytail low, ideally sat at the nape of the neck. The low ponytail trend can also be loose and messy, neat and tight, sometimes with a unique twist or two, or tied into a knot. Braiding will also be a really popular hair style trend for 2013, as will hair accessories such as flowers and hair bands.

Ombre Hair – the Ultimate Color Trend

Ombre or Melting - Dip-Dye / Two-tone Hair Color

There is something a little bit special about the ombre hair color trend. It could be that it’s still firmly holding its own in the fashion stakes despite some critics saying it’s on its way out. But at La Spina, we think it’s because it can be the ultimate hair color trend for just about anyone.

Firstly, let’s get things straight. Dip-dyed and two toned hair trends are here to stay and are set to be at the fore front of what we can expect to see for Spring/Summer 2014.

Secondly, if you’re not convinced that ombre hair is for you, we’re certain you’ll be thinking again after reading this!

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